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There are myriad websites for local organizations and interests,
but here are a few essentials for any resident. 

The City of Brentwood has many valuable online resources including the city meeting calendars, chipper service calendar, municipal codes, and a convenient way to pay your traffic ticket.  The best link is titled I Want To... there you may apply for a city job, burglar alarm license, or building permit; register to vote; or report a pothole that needs repair.  There's much more, so be sure to visit this valuable resource.

The City of Brentwood Library has recently completed a large addition to house even more materials for this town hot spot.  From its website you may explore the catalog, reserve titles, renew materials, research databases, download audio, or reserve a meeting room.  A great way to keep in touch with the library and keep up with free and inexpensive library events is to visit the library blog and sign up for the Brentwood Library Buzz emails.

Meadowlake resident Susan Leathers is a founder and editor of the Brentwood Home Page online newspaper.  It is updated daily as well as when significant news breaks. 
Feature sections include Real Estate, Business, Sports, Schools, Lifestyle, and Food and Drink.  You may sign up for daily email updates.

Brentwood City and Police - Emergency Notification System

This first link to the City of Brentwood's website will take you to a form under "Departments" under "City Technologies" under "Automatic Notification System The automatic telephone notification system allows for the rapid dissemination of critical information to the citizens. This computer system acts as a telephone auto-dialer to call citizens if an emergency situation arises. For example, during a water shortage, the City's high volume water customers can be called easily and immediately to advise them to implement conservation activities."  ( http://www.brentwood-tn.org/index.aspx?page=598 )  When you click the link, it allows you to select your street name and then click continue....so follow the instructions in order to register with the City.
There is also another link on the City's website to register with Nixle which is a separate notification service that warns of road closures, etc. in the area.  If you go to the City's website & under the "Resident Info" tab then select "Social Media Opportunities"  (this is the link http://www.brentwood-tn.org/index.aspx?page=648 ).  There is a brief description about Nixle.  If you click on "Receive Community...easy and secure", it will redirect you to Nixle's website where you can register for their notification system ( http://local.nixle.com/city/tn/brentwood/ ).
NOTE:  If while you are on the City of Brentwood's website and receive a security warning that asks if you "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?"  Please select "no" which will allow the next form or page to appear.  The City's technology department is aware of this problem and is in the process of trying to correct it.  In addition, they assured me that the forms & your information are safe & secure.

City Emergency Enhancement Program "Smart 911"

Smart911 was created to provide operators with additional information about you and your family when you place an emergency call.

When you create a Smart911 profile, vital family information is entered into a secure database and automatically displayed to 911 operators during an emergency call.  Examples of information you may wish to enter would be whether there is a handicapped person in the home, or number of pets.  The service is a time saver in emergencies for the dispatcher won't have to ask as many questions of the caller.

To create a profile, visit smart911.com. For more information, visit brentwoodpolice.org.

NEW!  NextDoor Neighborhood website

NextDoor was launched late in 2012 as a way for ONLY neighborhood residents to communicate.  It is sort of an exclusive Facebook that only neighborhood members may see.  You may sign up and share as much or as little information as you would like.  So far, it has been used for missing pets, asking about recommendations for contractors, and meeting announcements.  You may sign up here: https://meadowlake-brentwood.nextdoor.com/login/

Here are some contacts you may find useful:

Brentwood Fire and Police NON Emergency:  371-0160

For emergencies, please call 911

Kirk Bednar, City Manager:  371-0060  email

Brentwood City Commission Members

9732 Turnbridge Court
(C) 483-6004
(F) 371-2215

Federal & State Government Officials 

  • U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander
    455 Dirksen Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    (615) 736-5129 fax (615) 269-4803
    (202) 224-4944 fax (202) 228-3398

  • U.S. Senator Bob Corker
    Dirksen Senate Office Building - SD-185
    Washington, DC 20510
    (615) 279-8125 fax (615) 279-9488
    (202) 224-3344 fax (202) 228-0566

  • U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn
    217 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    (615) 591-5161 fax (615) 599-2916
    (202) 225-2811 fax (202) 225-3004

  • Governor Bill Haslam
    Tennessee State Capitol
    Nashville, TN 37243-0001
    (615) 741-2001 fax (615) 532-9711
  • State Senator Jack Johnson
    Senate District 23 
    301 Sixth Avenue North
    Suite 11 Legislative Plaza 
    Nashville, TN 37243-0023
    (615) 741-2495 fax (615) 253-0321

  • State Representative Charles Sargent
    House District 61 
    301 Sixth Avenue North
    Suite 206 War Memorial Building
    Nashville, TN 37243-0161
    (615) 741-6808 fax (615) 253-0217

    • State Representative Glen Casada
      House District 63 
      301 Sixth Avenue North
      Suite 25 Legislative Plaza
      Nashville, TN 37243-0163
      (615) 741-4389  fax (615) 253-0229


Williamson County Officials 

  • Administrative Complex
    1320 West Main Street
    Franklin, TN 37064
  • Williamson County Mayor
    Rogers Anderson 
    790-5700 fax 790-5818

Williamson County Commissioners (Representing areas within Brentwood)

  • Fourth District
    Kathy Danner, 815-5856 E-mail
    Cheryl Wilson, 771-9343 E-mail
  • Fifth District
    Lewis Green, Jr. 776-2816 E-mail 
    Tommy Little 395-4335 E-mail
  • Sixth District
    Arlene Cooke 377-1347 E-mail
    Jeff Ford 376-8814 E-mail
  • Seventh District
    Bert Chalfant 373-4119 E-mail
    Tom Bain 373-1812
  • Eighth District
    Greg Davis 591-8444 E-mail 
    Jack Walton 373-3346 E-mail

County Schools

  • Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent
    472-4000 fax 472-4190

If you have a link you would like to be considered for inclusion, please use the email page of this website to notify us.