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Proposed Bike Path Community Meeting Notes - Aug 16 2016


Below are highlights from the Aug 16 community meeting regarding a proposed bike path/trail behind Williamsburg Road which would connect Powell Park and Maryland Way Park. The meeting was hosted by City Manager Kirk Bednar and Asst. Police Chief Tommy Walsh. About 20 neighborhood residents were in attendance.

•Proposed property is currently a 200’ easement/buffer between homes on Williamsburg Rd
and Maryland Farms office park
•The majority of the property is owned by the city, so no residents' private property has to be bought or infringed upon. The YMCA would need to allow for use of their land.
• Current zoning does not allow any improvements, including a path, so there would be a fairly lengthy process to make the change
•There is no money in this year’s budget to make the path
•There would be no lighting on it - signs would indicate it is only open dusk to dawn
•The path would likely be 10 foot wide and asphalt
•The path plan would do its best to avoid the taking down of trees
•The path would be placed as far away from the Williamsburg Road properties as possible
•The city would not force any private property owner to provide access to the path, but one owner near the corner of Williamsburg Rd and Seward was open to the idea of providing access.
•Williamsburg Rd property owners along the path can make their own private access to it if they wish
•In addressing security concerns, both Bednar and Walsh stated that there have never been any incidents related to a trail in Brentwood and Brentwood currently has 15 miles of trails. Police would probably not routinely patrol the trail, but the trail would provide improved access to the area if they were contacted about a problem. There was mention of an increased use of the BPD bike patrol when staffing allows.
•The HG Hill developers have a history of supporting bike sharing programs which would be available to the public

Kirk Bednar was disappointed in the low turnout to the meeting. He asks that any residents that have input, or have further questions, especially those properties that back up the proposed path, to please contact him at kirk.bednar@brentwoodtn.gov. His feeling is that the City Commission would not want to pursue this project without a better feeling for the level of support.

Additionally, Kirk Bednar stated that the city is expecting site plans for the Virginia Springs property (corner of Granny White and Virginia Way) this fall. They are anticipating 2 office buildings and parking.


Public Trail Behind Williamsburg Road Meeting - August 16 2016


The City of Brentwood invites residents to discuss a proposed public path along the back of Williamsburg Road. The meeting details are in the letter below:

August 1, 2016

Dear Meadowlake Resident:

As part of its work over the past year, the City’s Ad Hoc Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee has been looking as options to improve bike and pedestrian mobility and access within Brentwood. One option identified by the Committee is a ten-foot wide, paved bike and pedestrian trail that would connect Powell Park near the Tractor Supply headquarters with Maryland Way Park and the redeveloped Hill Center via the existing greenway that separates Maryland Farms and the Iroquois Estates/Meadowlake subdivision. Part of the trail would also cross the YMCA property. A conceptual route for this trail is shown on the back of this letter.
Please understand that no decision has been made about constructing this trail. At this point, the City would like to hear input from residents who live directly adjacent to the greenway and YMCA property as well as those who live elsewhere in the neighborhood. Based on this input, the City Commission will decide whether to pursue construction of this trail as part of a future capital budget.
To provide more information and answer resident questions about this project, city staff will be hosting a meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 16th in the City Commission Chambers on the second floor of City Hall at 5211 Maryland Way. We hope you will be able to attend and provide your thoughts on this conceptual project.
If you are unable to attend this meeting or have other questions, please feel free to contact City Manager Kirk Bednar via e-mail at kirk.bednar@brentwoodtn.gov or via phone at 615-371-0060.

Brentwood City Hall contact info:
5211 Maryland Way ∙ Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 ∙ Phone (615) 371-0060
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 788 ∙ Brentwood, TN 37024-0788 ∙ FAX (615) 370-4767


2015 Annual Meeting Recap


On October 27 we held our annual business meeting at BUMC. BIG THANK YOUs to the HOA Board for arranging and presenting the meeting, and to those residents who braved the cold rain to join us.
Below is a brief recap of the meeting.

Congratulations to our Elected HOA Officers:

Julie Reynolds - reelected for President
Brad Cole - new Vice President
Michael Dorris - reelected Treasurer
Jonlyn Nation - new Secretary
Alex Rockafellar - reelected Webmaster

It is not too late for anyone to join the Board!
Please contact Julie or Brad through direct message if you would like to join, with your email, and they will let you know when the next meeting is. Our meetings are actually quite fun and a great way to catch up on the latest happenings in the 'hood.

The neighborhood would also benefit from individuals willing to serve on a Safety Committee, Welcome Committee, and possibly an Elder Check In Committee. I invite you to contact Julie or Brad if you are interested in heading or serving on any of these.  Our current small Board cannot handle these extra duties by itself, but are certainly willing to provide funds and lend what support we can.

Michael Dorris presented the financial report. Highlights from his talk included:

  • The biggest cost savings last year was neighborhood volunteers doing the holiday lights
  • About 60% of households pay dues, which is typical for the past 5 years
  • 3 payments were made via PayPal since that was rolled out last week
  • We hope to continue to build reserves for improvements. One idea was to freshen the entries.
  • There was talk about raising suggested dues to $49 per year to build enough reserves for improvements

Jeff Andrews discussed the process of getting new street signs put up around the neighborhood. These were done this summer at no cost by the City of Brentwood. He had looked into getting decorative signs, possibly with wrought iron poles, but the initial cost was estimated to be between $12,000 and $20,000. That may be possible to do if we grow our reserves, but the HOA would also have to budget for significant maintenance for the lifetime of the signs. Repairing damage and painting would be just two potential costs. We may revisit that when reserves allow.

Julie Reynolds reminded everyone that the Halloween party will begin 4pm at the Dorris family's home at 5107 Cornwall Drive. The HOA will provide pizza, water, and quite possibly beer, to ward off the expected cold weather chill. After darkness falls, trick or treaters may head out on their rounds.

We are hoping for any ideas and/or volunteers to put together a year end holiday event.

All those who attended the spring party considered it a big success and hope to do it again in 2016.

Greg Blandford spoke on the success of NextDoor.
  • Far more people have signed up for NextDoor than were on the email list: 339 are on NextDoor and the email list topped out at about 150.
  • It continues to be the best way for neighbors to quickly locate pets, post any notices, and keep up with the HOA.
  • It is a more enjoyable and useful service if you set your preferences, such as only getting Meadow Lake posts.

Some neighbors have suggested that the neighborhood might get better rates on trash pickup if enough neighbors signed up with one servicer.  Also, it would cut down the number of trash trucks going through the neighborhood and the number of days that trash bins are out.
Julie Reynolds did extensive research on the topic and shared her large spreadsheet of trash and recycling services and fees. She will pick the best options and will send out a neighborhood survey in the coming months to measure interest.
Please note that the HOA has no authority over which trash service you use. This is merely a volunteer opportunity for possible reduced cost or enhanced service.


The 2015 Meadow Lake/Iroquois Estates Annual Meeting

will be held at BUMC

on Tuesday, October 27th

at 6:30pm. 

We will be electing our new board and discussing ways to improve our wonderful community.    We really encourage everyone to get involved.  We have added some new committee positions and would love some fresh faces and ideas! A list of prospective candidates will be posted on Nextdoor right before the annual meeting. Be sure to mark your calendar and attend our important annual neighborhood business get together.



Get involved and get to know other concerned neighbors.  The neighborhood needs some active participants to serve on:

      Hospitality/Social committee

       Safety and Landscaping    committee

       Newsletter committee. 

Please contact our current HOA President, Julie Reynolds at Reynolds.jm@comcast.net if you can help out.


If there is a board position you would be interested in volunteering for, please email Julie Reynolds @ Reynolds.jm@comcast.net with your name, address, and position you are interested in.


·       Plans HOA meetings

·       Liaison between city and HOA

·       Aids in the solicitation of bids

·       Works with the safety committee


·       Works with the communications committee to coordinate newsletter, message board and website

·       Oversees calendar of events along with the social committee


·       In charge of taking meeting minutes

·       Reads and approves minutes from previous meeting at the beginning of each meeting

·       Responsible for getting meeting minutes to webmaster to post to website


·       Responsible for the collection and posting HOA membership dues

·       Reimburses members for expenses relating to HOA business or events

·       Needs to provide a financial report at each regular meeting and prepare an Income and Expenses statement at the end of each year


·       Maintains and updates neighborhood website

·       In charge of electronic media

·       Liaison for Nextdoor

General Board responsibilities

·       Attend regular meetings

·       Help with the planning and carrying out of events and activities planned by the board

·       Sounding board for members of the HOA

·       Aid in the distribution of the newsletter


Safety Committee

·       Responsible for improving the safety of our neighborhood

·       Members will work with the board to identify unsafe conditions and implement a strategy for improving the situation


Communications Committee

·       Responsible for gather information to include in newsletter, message board and website

·       Responsible for Message Board Updating

·       Coordinates information to be distributed throughout the neighborhood for events


Hospitality/Social Committees

·       Responsible for coordinating social events for the benefit of all homeowners

·       Responsible for welcoming new neighbors to the neighborhood and providing each new resident neighborhood info to include: dues requirements, website address, Nextdoor login help, and possible gift basket.

·       May gather new neighbor info to provide to webmaster to update an online directory

HG Hill Overnight Concrete Pours


This overview of the proposed overnight concrete pours was provided by the City to the neighborhood August 4 2015. The information begins with an overview drafted by the City Manager, Kirk Bednar. It is followed by detailed information from the Turner construction company who is overseeing the pours.

The most important information has been bolded for your convenience:

H.G. Hill and Turner Construction have submitted a request to conduct nighttime concrete pours as part of the Phase 1 development at the new Hill Center.  Their construction plan calls for approximately 30 large concrete pours over the next 6 months or approximately 1 per week.  Each pour involves approximately 40-50 cement trucks.

Staff has been discussing this issue with them for the past week or so and providing them with input for development of a noise mitigation plan to insure the work can comply with the City’s noise ordinance. The operations plan prepared by Turner is attached as is the letter from the Planning and Codes Department approving the first night pour for this Thursday morning beginning around 2:00 a.m. and ending around 6:30 a.m.  The operations plan is very detailed and I encourage you to review it, but one important noise mitigating action worth mentioning is that all staging of the cement trucks and pre-delivery mixing within the truck via rotation of the drum, which can be quite loud, will occur on Centerview Drive just off of Church Street – there will be no cement trucks lining up, idling, or mixing on site.  The trucks will enter the site, pull right up to the pump, empty their load, proceed to the wash out area for a limited washing of the cement chute, and exit the site.  Note that the location of the concrete pump truck near the northeast corner of the site is approximately 800 feet from the closest home on Williamsburg Circle.

As part of our discussions with them, staff observed a small concrete pour on the morning of Saturday, July 25 at approximately 8:00 a.m.  During this pour, which included all of the same equipment that would be present during the nighttime pour, we took some decibel readings at the property line of the closest adjacent residence.  The readings ranged from the mid-50’s to around 60 decibels.  Note that this was during a time that other construction activity besides the concrete pour was occurring onsite.  Based on this test observation and the mitigation plan prepared by Turner, staff feels it is appropriate to authorize the August 6 nighttime pour.  Note that Turner construction will have a third party present during the pour to monitor noise levels at the property line and a city staff member will also be present taking noise level readings

As clearly stated in the attached letter, the approval for any future nighttime pours is dependent upon the success of conducting this first pour and any subsequently approved pours in a manner that does not create any unreasonable disturbance to the nearby residents.  This is not an open ended approval.  H.G. Hill staff has contacted all three of the directly adjacent residents to notify them of this work and provided them personal contact information should any problems arise.

Allowing nighttime pours has benefits for both the City and the contractor.  For the City, we benefit by avoiding having 40-50 cement truck trips to the site during the normal workday and the potential resulting traffic impacts at this busy intersection.  For the contractor, pouring at night, especially during the summer months, provides better cement drying conditions and also minimizes the potential for cement trucks to get stuck in traffic and have the load harden too soon and spoil.  However, we obviously recognize that the benefits of the nighttime pour cannot just ignore the potential impacts on the neighbors. Based on the plan prepared by Turner and what we observed on July 25, we believe the work can be completed without disruption to the neighbors.  Obviously, the pour on Thursday morning will be the only way to confirm this and based on what occurs during this first pour we will consider whether to grant approval for future pours.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kirk Bednar

City Manager, City of Brentwood TN